Roman Intaglio

The use of engraved gems in terms of jewelery was an ancient tradition in the classical world.

An engraved gem is known as an intaglio.

This means that the image was sunken and incised into the stone.

If the stone was to be used as a seal then it would leave a raised impression on the wax or of the seal.

Intaglios were usually made from semi - precious stone such as carnelian, jasper and chalcedony.

Sometimes cheaper imitations were made from glass and although not the real deal, they were often very detailed and many examples of these types have been found at Roman archaeological sites.

ALL items listed on this page are AUTHENTIC ancient Roman pieces.

Roman Intaglio - Carausius and Allectus - Brown Stone - 3rd. Century A.D.

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Roman Intaglio - Woman's Bust - Chalcedony - 3rd. Century A.D.

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Roman Intaglio - Emperor Gallienus - Carnelian - 3rd. Century A.D.

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Roman Intaglio - Man with beard - Carnelian - 1st. - 3rd. Century A.D.

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